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Paduan Suara Perkumpulan Pemuda Geredja Kristen Indonesia

Label: Lokananta DN-005

Christmas - Praise”

The Choir of the Youth Group from the Christian Church of Indonesia, presents “CHRISTMAS PRAISE” to welcome, Jesus Christ, the Light of the World.

The Youth Group, known by the abbreviation P. P. G. K. I. was formed on 29th January 1956.

It is a group of young people from the Kwitang Christian Church Djakarta whose members comprise many of the different tribal groups of Indonesia.

As Christian young people, the P. P. G. K. I. often visit distant churches to present musical items in the form of an Oratorio, and as members of the church they take an active interest in its development and all its difficulties.

With the plan to build a new church in Kebajoran Baru, the P. P. G. K. I. were conscious that this was their responsibility and in spite of all the difficulties involved, they were encouraged to undertake the making of this Long Play Record the proceeds from which will be used for the erection of the new church building.

Beside this, they also feel there is a great lack of hymns in the Indonesian language that have been put on gramophone records for widespread distribution.

May thiS. Record “CHRISTMAS PRAISE” help to meet that need.

It consists of the following 8 Christmas Carols:

1. Prepare your heart
2. A Christmas welcome
3. The Lowly stable 
4. The shepherds of Efrata
5. Shepherds in the fields
6. Oh, Come all, ye faithful
7. Holy Night
8. Self committal.

This ventrure was the work of the P. P. G. K. I. - choir which consists of 50 voices but it was accomplished with the full help of all the P. P. G. K. I. members and also the Elders of Kwitang Christian Church, Djakarta.

It is to be hoped that this effort to increase the number of records of hymns in Indonesian, can be continued.

To give some explanation, a list of hymns, complete with with words, is enclosed.

We, the Committee for thiS. Record / extend our sincere thanks to: The P. P. G. K. I. Choir, Mr. Binsar Sitompul, The Musicians, The Chief of the R. R. I. Studio, Director P. N. Lokananta and his staff, and all the generous friends who helped the Committee so well in the making of this ,,Christmas Praise” record. We trust that our aim to build a new church in Kebajoran Baru, and to meet the need for ,,Christmas Carols in Indonesian”, will be achieved at this time.

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