Musictime In Indonesia


FitnahAlbum: Fitnah


Label: PLL-1016
Obscure Indonesian funk, psych & pop compiledAlbum: Obscure Indonesian funk, psych & pop compiled (Madrotter)

4 Nada, Ade Manuhutu, Andre Iskandar, Arga Group, Aria, the Blo'on, Bob Tutupoly, Brimorista, Clique Fantastique, The Combat's, Doel Kamdi, The Echo's, Ernie Djohan, Fenty Effendi, The Free Five, Harry Toos, Harry van Hove, Herty Sitorus, Is Haryanto, Jajat Paramour, Maja Sopha, De Meicy, Orkes Melayu Naradha, the Paramour, Pattie Bersaudara, Prima's, Quarta Nada, Rasela, Sally, The Steps, Suzana,, The Two Faces, Yohannes Purba, Yuanita Budiman

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