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Eloi! Lama Sabactani!Eloi! Lama Sabactani!

Label: Musica MSC-7139

Talk about VERY interesting albums, here's one.... Inpres I/V/'80..... The band name's meaning, Inpres is short for Presidental Instruction, the I stands for the fact that this was their first album, the V stands for the number of members in the band and '80 is the year this album came out.... They were all members of the Bandung Institute of technology (ITB).... One of their members was this guy:
Cok Rampal
Tulus Setio, better known as Cok Rampal, he was a guitar player in a band with Iwan Fals, other members were Harry Soekar, Rasmini aka Sarah David, Bambang Supriyadi aka Bang Jo and Sulis.... The music takes a lot from Irish folk music and some of the songs on this album deal with the life and legend of Kusni Kandut... Kusni Kandut was born Waluyo, the son of a poor farmer in Blitar, East Java. During the Republic of Indonesia's independence revolutionhe fought against the Dutch... In the 60's and 70's he became a gang leader doing robberies and such... he became friends with Bir Ali, a man of Arab descent , the ex-husband of singer Ellya Khadam. His full name is Muhammad Ali, nicknamed Bir Ali because he liked to drink beer before taking action. Ali Bir was arrested and sentenced to death for a robbery he commited with Kusni kandut where they robbed and killed a wealthy Arab named Ali Badjened. Kusni Kandut and his gang also robbed the Indonesian National Museum (Gedung Gajah) in 1961, they stole a lot of very prescious jewels and a worker in the museum was killed and after being on the run for many years Kusni Kandut was caught while trying to sell those stolen jewels. He was sentenced to death and was executed in 1980. Shortly before he was executed he became a Catholic and was baptized taking the name Ignatius Waluyo. He's known as "The Robin Hood of Indonesia" because as it turned out later, a lot of the loot from robberies was distributed among the poor.....
Cok Rampal

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