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Dede Amung Sutarya & Munggul Pawenang

Wayang Golek

Special thanks to: Madrotter-Treasure-Hunt - Bandung

Bangbang TrilokaBangbang TrilokaBangbang TrilokaBangbang Triloka

Label: S. Record
Buah SumaretnaBuah SumaretnaBuah SumaretnaBuah Sumaretna

Munggul Pawenang - Dede Amung Sutarya, Enung S.

Label: Gita Record / MTR Records
Dorna GugurDorna GugurDorna GugurDorna Gugur

Munggul Pawenang - Dede Amung Sutarya
Dedeh Winingsih, Mang Memed

Label: Pandawa Records
Gedong SadasaGedong SadasaGedong SadasaGedong Sadasa

Label: S. Record
Jaya TigasanJaya TigasanJaya TigasanJaya Tigasan

Label: MTR Records

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