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Ogle Eyes

Dangdut RockDangdut Rock

Group Ogle Eyes - Lexy Rumagit

Deddy Dores & Orkes Melayu Bee Wa Fa - Muchtar B.

Label: M
Menyambut Sinar PagiMenyambut Sinar Pagi

Group Ogle Eyes - Lexy Rumagit

Label: Irama Tara IT-077

Ogle Eyes was a 70's band from the city of Malang in East-Java, they had a huge reputation for putting on amazing shows and that was because Micky Markelbach (aka Micky Bentoel or Micky Jaguar) (1950-1986) was their singer. They used to call him the Mick Jagger of Malang... But, it seems that, although he was the singer of the band, Micky Merkelbach, the "Mick Jagger of Malang" wasn't actually singing on the Ogle Eyes albums

Mick Hagger Of Malang Micky Markelbach Micky Markelbach

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